Resolutions of The International Braille Quran Conference, Istanbul, Feb 3-8, 2013

The International Braille Quran Conference was attended by the following organisations:

- Beyazay Association of Turkey
- Madrassah al-Noor (South Africa)
- Rahman Foundation (India)
- Raudatul Makfufin (Indonesia)
- Braille Association of Malaysia
- Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Braille Press (Saudia Arabia)
- Pakistan Disabled Foundation
- Roo Daki Center for the Blind (Tehran, Iran)
- Special Needs Care Centre, Institute of Post Graduate Childhood Studies, Ain Shams University (Egypt)
- The Cultural and Quranic Institute for the Blind (Isfahan, Iran)
- Al-Amaan Organization for Blind Women (Yemen)
- Conservation Society of the Holy Quran, Zarqa Branch (Jordan)
- Islamic Texts for the Blind – Kitaba (UK)


The International Braille Quran Conference resolved to establish a Non-Governmental Organisation with the name The International Organisation of Braille Quran Services.

The Conference resolved to register the Organisation in Turkey.

The conference resolved to establish a committee consisting of seven members to do the following on behalf of the Organisation:

- Establıshment of an ınternal structure
- Development of an actıon plan and strategy
- Implementatıon of resolutıons of the conference


The General Assembly of the Conference elected the following committee:

- Selahattin Aydin (Chair)
- Shahid Ahmed Memon
- Anwar al-Nassar
- Ahmad Smadi
- Maulana Hasan Murchi
- Zaki Ali
- Dato Mah Hasan Omar


Abdul Aziz Ahmed, rather than act as a member of the committee, offered his assistance as a secretary to the Chair. This was accepted by the General Assembly.

The Conference resolved to work towards a unified Braille Quran code. This will be established by a technical committee. The General Assembly voted to establish the following Technical Committee.

- Farzana Suleiman (Pakistan)
- Mohammed Fahed Al-Dusare (Saudi Arabia)
- Sadeq Abbasi (Iran)
- Othman Issa (Malaysia)
- Mohammed Zainal Abideen (Indonesia)
- Mohammed Islah (Thailand)
- Maulana Hasan Murchi (South Africa)
- Muzemmil Quazi (India)
- Shereen Ali (Egypt)
- Sabah Ali Huraisah (Yemen)
- Samia Harb (Palestine)
- Mohammad alKhawaladeh (Jordan)
- Ismail Chakici (Turkey)


The report of the Technology and Training Committee was accepted in principle. However, the Conference resolved to ask the Chair of the committee, Majed al-Majdhoubah, to turn the report into an action plan, possibly in phases. This plan will be presented to the Committee. Normah Hashim was asked to support him.

It was resolved to produce a quarterly magazine. Ihsan Abdullah was asked to take responsibility for producing the magazine.

Date Posted: 10/02/2013

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