Ramadan is coming! Kitaba launches new audio book and plans new series on the Quran

As Ramadan approaches, Islamic Texts for the Blind is preparing to help all our supporters utilise and benefit as fully as possible from this blessed month. We have prepared an audio book on The Discourse of Fasting taken from our publication, Worship, by the great blind scholar, Imam al-Haddad. The audio book is available for free at:

Audio recording of the Discourse of Fasting

In recent years, we produced short explanations of Quran and a series of classes showing the links between the various chapters of the Quran. These are all available in accessible audio format in our resources section. Direct links to the downloads are provided below:

Audio recording of the tafsir of Surah al Fatiha part 1

Audio recording of the tafsir of Surah al Fatiha part 2

Audio recording of the tafsir of Surah al Falaq

Audio recording of the tafsir of Surah al IkLaas

During the coming Ramadan, we have teamed up with one of our partners in Malaysia, IKIM radio to broadcast a weekly commentary on the Quran. The programme is to be called ‘The Blessings of the Quran’ and will be available through our resource section as well as via the Radio and web link at IKIM radio. The synopsis of the Radio programme suggests:

Ramadan is the month of the Quran. In it the Quran was revealed and during it the believers find peace and happiness through its recitation and study.

During this blessed month, Abdul Aziz will explain the meanings of one of the most beautiful and important chapters of the Noble Book. The Prophet, upon him be peace, said that whoever reads Surah al-Waqiah will never fear poverty. It subtle meanings explain dependence of all of creation on the Creator. In doing so, we begin to understand our own limitations and dependency on Him. It asks what we would do if He decided to send down salt water instead of rain or if He stopped the crops from growing. The chapter increases our awareness of Him. This is the purpose of the fast. We are told we fast to gain taqwa, which means loving awe, which leads to obedience. It is hoped that this short series of talks will help us gain that much needed awareness.

We also hope to run some additional Quran sessions through our regular Blind Engagement Group classes and these will be open to sighted people as well as the Blind. Further information is available through our Facebook page.

The reward for charity in Ramadan is greater than any other month. Abdul Aziz plans to travel to distribute Braille Qurans in Malaysia and Indonesia during Ramadan as part of our on-going process of making the Quran available to as many Blind people as possible. Braille Qurans are already on their way to Gambia as a gift from Kitaba and its supporters. Anyone that would like to contribute to this project or make specific charitable donations should contact us.

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audiobook on the discourse of fasting

Listen: Ramadan is coming! Kitaba launches new audio book and plans new series on the Quran

Date Posted: 24/06/2013

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