Educating Children Book launch/course events London 20th April & Manchester 11th May

Kitaba is proud to announce their next production “Educating Children: Classical Advise for Modern Times”, a translation and commentary on a classical Arabic poem about raising children. The advice it contains draws on traditional sources, the experience of the translator, and the reflections of people from various walks of life. The author of the poem Riyāḍatul Ṣibyān, is the famed 16th Century jurist, Imām al-Ramlī. Its translator, Abdul Aziz Ahmed, is an experienced teacher who studied both classical Islamic texts with renowned scholars, and modern psychology and pedagogy.

The book discusses child development from the point of choosing a spouse to the child’s attaining maturity. It contains explanations of key concepts such as adab, etiquette, aql, intellect and role models. There are practical examples and reflections on real situations, as well as explanations of prophetic traditions.

Each chapter contains discussion points and quotes from various contributors. The topics include discipline, gender roles, the influence of television and mass advertising, the importance of finding time to play and relax, and ways of developing the intellect.

Book testimonials:

‘A must-read for any concerned parent: Shaykh Abdul Aziz has taken one of the best classical works on Islamic parenting and contextualized the wisdom and guidance in a clear, practical and sensitive manner’ – Faraz Rabbani, Executive Director, Seekers Hub Global

‘In this welcomed translation of the classical manual, Riyadatul Sibyan, Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed presents the theoretical foundations of tarbiyya, which is pivotal to Islamic education. In doing so, he will hopefully expose the upcoming generations to experiencing its realities” – Yahya Rhodus, Senior Instructor, Seekers Guidance

‘An excellent combination of traditional Islamic views of children’s education and a modern application of those views which will provide inspiration for educators’ – Aisha Abdurrahman Bewley, Translator

The book will be formally launched in London and Manchester with a unique opportunity to sit in the company of the translator, Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed to further explore the realms of intellectual development, concepts of education, discipline and attaining maturity as part of a formal interactive day course. Kitaba will be collaborating with a number of institutions and voluntary organisations in London including IOE ISOC, Islamic Circles, Al-Isharah, Al-Ghani, Ebrahim College, AMG, Nida Trust and Pickthall Academy and in Manchester with the Quba Initiative.

Both events are planned to be fully accessible to those with disability with BSL interpreting provided. Tickets are limited and early booking is advised.

Dates/venue for book launches:

London April 20th, click here to book on-line
Institute of Education (IOE) Room S16
20 Bedford Way

Manchester May 11th, click here to book on-line
British Muslim Heritage Centre
College Road, Whalley Range
M16 8BP

Date Posted: 11/04/2013

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