A busy time for Kitaba and its team

The weeks proceeding Ramadan are packed for the Islamic Texts for the Blind and its members.

On August 24th, Abdul Aziz Ahmed completed the Great Scottish Swim raising £2000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

On the 25th August, the second conference on Quranic Braille Services will take place in Istanbul. The first conference took place in February and led to the establishment of the International Organisation of Braille Quran Services. The Organisation brought together several organisations and Quranic Braille producers with the view to unifying the Quranic Braille code and increasing co-operation between organisations serving the Blind and visually impaired people. Balal Hussain will represent Kitaba and hopefully he will contribute to the technical discussion on Braille code and share expertise on Braille teaching. The conference will also look at refining the constitution to bring the constituent organisations closer together.

Upon the return of Balal, he will join another of the Kitaba team, Eeshma Qazi, on a trip entitled ‘Bosnia Adventure 2013’. The trip is part of International Youth Exchange Project and aims to support young people develop mutual understanding of each and encourage the values of outdoor education and a healthy lifestyle. Balal and Eeshma will be among ten visually impaired people from the United Kingdom who will join sighted people from Italy and Bosnia for a variety of activities including team-building and public speaking exercises, trekking, hiking in the mountains, and other outdoor sports. The adventure will be between 2nd and the 8th of September.

Kitaba will also have a presence at the fiftieth annual ISNA Convention which starts in Washington on August 30th. The Islamic Society of North America is the largest umbrella organisation of Muslim groups in America. ISNA’s annual convention attracts thousands of people on each of its four day long event. Sayka Hussain will represent Kitaba with the intention of raising awareness of Braille Quran services and the needs of blind people. She will also be holding some programmes in Florida prior to the start of the conference.

Finally, three of our most important team members, Arslaan Khan, Aminah Hussain and their baby Mustafa will be travelling to Tarim in the Yemen to progress their Islamic Studies. They will continue to coordinate the production side of our work and other important aspects of the administration of the Islamic Texts for the Blind.

Once we have got over these busy weeks, we have big plans for Singapore and Malaysia – so watch this space!

Date Posted: 27/08/2013

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