Formation of the Online Qur’anic Arabic Braille Group

Kitaba Islamic Texts for the Blind is proud to announce the first Qur’anic Arabic Braille group, which will meet weekly on Skype. Comprising blind Muslims who want to improve their Qur’anic Arabic Braille. The group will work its way through the holy Qur’an, encouraging members to take it in turns to recite by reading out loud from their Braille Qur’ans while everyone else follows. There will be an opportunity to chat once the recitation is over, and build links with other blind Muslims.

The group will meet every Sunday evening at 20:00 UK time on Skype. Anyone with knowledge of Qur’anic Arabic Braille however limited is welcome. Those who do not wish to take part in the recitation but would like to listen in and enjoy the social aspect are more than welcome to come along.

For anyone interested in joining the group, please contact Bilal Hussain, Skype i.d: If you do not have Skype, and would like help setting it up then please email balal at kwagga dot com.

Date Posted: 27/01/2013

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