Green Horizon’s accessible trip to the forest

It takes a lot to describe a day as the best day ever. Everyone was smiling, relaxing, at peace in beautiful surroundings at Wiston Lodge over the weekend. It was Green Horizon’s third accessible trip to the forest, with some fifty people made up of families, the young and old, sighted and visually impaired, and various ethnicities coming from Glasgow and Edinburgh. Wiston Lodge is a former Victorian Hunting Lodge built in the 1850s. The house and grounds offer a remote rural experience, far from any shops and other distractions. It has spacious rooms, open fires to sit round, a games hall and a 52-acre estate, which is a rich mixture of woodlands, team-building activities, gardens and a campsite. The day started with a presentation by Nadeem Shah who mentioned some of the environmental challenges we face today. He talked about the effects of plastics (e.g. Phthalates) on our health and the environment. He recommended drinking and eating out of glass or steel bottles. He also presented the ‘four-point plan to protect the planet and be happy’ ; 1. Cutting over-consumption, 2. Stopping all interest related actions (e.g. Opening non-interest bearing bank accounts), 3. Sending prayers and blessings on the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and 4. Remembrance (dhikr) of Allah. Wiston Lodge has just introduced archery as one of its activities, we were lucky enough to be the first people to make use of the facilities. This was followed by bushcraft survival skills where we built make-shift tents, only using what we could find in the forest. A small group took a midnight walk in the forest to experience the forest atmosphere and the sounds in the dark. The following day we visited The Falls of Clyde, a world heritage site, to enjoy beautiful riverside walks following in the footsteps of many poets and painters. The venue and staff were friendly and very helpful, making our stay even better. The food was out of this world, simple, refreshing and wholesome. A big thank you to all those who attended, the staff at Wiston Lodge, Nadeem Shah, Romena Huq and The Forestry Commission who kindly sponsored the event. Inshallah, there may be another one held in the summer. We’ll keep you posted. Photo:

Date Posted: 08/04/2012

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