Imran Sabir Memorial Lecture – Thursday 3rd March

Photo of Imran SabirThursday 3rd March marks the second anniversary of the death of our founding chairman, Imran Sabir, may Allah shower his soul with mercy. He was a real driving force for the disability movement in Scotland and an inspiration for all that met him. His death was a great loss to all his friends and colleagues in Scotland, none more so than Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed who wrote a book on his life and thoughts.

The book, Living With Blindness, has been an unofficial manifesto for the Islamic Texts for the Blind and is an attempt to keep Imran’s vision alive. As we approach two years since Imran’s death, Kitaba along with some of its partners in Scotland are organising the third Imran Sabir Memorial Lecture.


imam zaid shakir and aaThe first saw Imam Zaid Shakir and Shaykh Abdul Aziz speak about Marginalisation in Society. The second saw Shaykh Ibrahim Osi Efa speak about Discrimination and Prejudice and provided an opportunity for Shaykh Abdul Aziz to publicly review the work that the disability movement has been doing over the year since Imran’s death.

As we approach the second year of his death, Kitaba, the Islamic Studies Trust and the Strathclyde University Islamic Society (SISOC) are hoping to address another social issue affecting all communities and present an Islamic perspective. The theme of the evening will be Mental Health and the Muslim Community: Past, present and future.

The evening will begin with presentations about the organising groups followed by a speech on ‘Living With Blindness’ by Sayka Hussain. Sayka, despite her blindness, has become a successful civil servant. She is an active member of Kitaba and has delivered training on disability awareness and inclusion across the United Kingdom. The main lecture will be delivered on Mental Health by Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed. His powerpoint presentation, lecture notes and a recording of the event will be available after the talk. The whole programme will be broadcast live in association with the Online Halaqa on the internet. For more information, contact

The Imran Sabir Memorial will start at 6:45 pm on Thursday 3rd March in:

Room 641

Royal College

George Street

Strathclyde University

This is a free event.

Sayka and Shaykh Abdul Aziz will also be carrying out presentations on Saturday 5th March at various venues in Glasgow. For further information, please contact

Date Posted: 27/02/2011

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