International Qur’anic Braille Conference – Feb 3-8, 2013

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed and Sayka Hussain from Kitaba attended a conference in Istanbul along with representatives from twelve other countries, eleven of which produce and distribute Braille Qurans throughout the world.

This was the first conference of its kind; bringing together Quranic Braille experts from places like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, South Africa and Indonesia to discuss the problems faced by blind Muslims in reading Qurans using unfamiliar Braille codes. Organised by the Beyazay Association of Turkey, the conference aimed to fulfil the adoption of a unified Braille code, which would allow Quranic Braille readers all over the world to access and to be able to read Quran’s produced by other countries.

The conference explored a variety of issues including problems faced by blind Muslims living in non-Muslim countries such as, the effect of poverty in educating blind Muslims in places like India and issues surrounding the teaching of Quranic Braille that employed different symbols and rules in different countries.

Kitaba delivered a session on the various ways in which Quranic Braille is taught throughout the world, feedback from this session will inform of Kitaba’s engagement strategy going forward.

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed was also elected as a committee member but stepped down to act as secretary to the new organisation that was formed as a result of the conference: the International Organisation of Braille Quran Services. This organisation will work to unify the Quranic Braille code and provide an international hub of e-learning resources on the internet using technology such as radio broadcasts and live chats.

To read the resolutions of the conference in full, please click here.

Some photos from the conference.

Evening meal with the Mayor of Istanbul

Sayka Hussain of Kitaba leading one of the workshops at the conference

Shaykh Abdul Aziz presenting at the conference

Date Posted: 13/02/2013

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