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The Islamic Texts for the Blind is one of many organisations working for inclusion, supporting the Blind in particular. We have always been keen to build partnerships with local and international organisations, and this cooperation has recently seen some interesting initiatives. The most significant of these was the International Quranic Braille Conference in Istanbul which established an umbrella body for coordinating Quranic Braille production, teaching and distribution, called the International Organisation for Quranic Braille Services (IOQBS).

The board of this organisation plans to act as an international body for Quranic Braille producers, suppliers, teachers and users. Amongst their recent activities has been the collection of funds for distribution of Braille Qurans to a school for the Blind in Ghana. This is a multi-faith school where unfortunately, the Muslims do not have access to religious texts. Through the generous donations of some people in Germany, many Qurans were made available for their use. Similar projects continue to develop. Kitaba are actively collecting funds for Qurans in Malaysia and Indonesia.

The board of the IOQBS are organising and funding a Braille Quran training course for students from Azerbaijan. The course will be taught in Istanbul. It is hoped that at least one of the students will then be able to go on to teach Braille Quran to students from the other Turkic states including Kazakhstan and Kirgizstan. There are many other requests coming in for such courses.

It is hoped that the Board will meet again face-to-face after Ramadan and Kitaba look forward to being able to participate.

Some of Kitaba’s partners in Malaysia, Denmark, Norway and Australia have also undergone changes recently, now entering into an interesting phase of activity. Our partners in Denmark, Marhaba, continue to push forward their work with the Danish Association for the Disabled. They are currently delivering training and awareness-raising all over Denmark. Several Danish mosques and organisations have included accessibility in their plans for improvement. The Danish Refugee Council, which has helped Marhaba a great deal over the years, now insists that any agency or organisation hoping for assistance from them, have to include disability and inclusion on their agendas. One such organisation is a group Kitaba have worked with in various forms over the years, Muslims in Dialogue. They continue to host Kitaba’s Chair, Abdul Aziz Ahmed, for a regular course on the Forty Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi, and are currently planning awareness raising and courses on Inclusion, Marginalisation and Domestic Violence in various cities across Denmark. Kitaba are also discussing a course based on our new book Educating Children, to be held in Roskild in November.

We are proud to be part of these initiatives and pray for their success. We will keep you informed. Anyone who wishes to participate or contribute to the Quran distribution, please feel free to contact us.

Sayka Hussain of Kitaba leading one of the workshops at the conference

Date Posted: 15/06/2013

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