Kitaba and Marhaba (DK) hold successful parenting course. Now they are preparing for book launches and the memorial lecture

As part of Kitaba’s plan to produce a translation of the book Riyadatul Sibyan and Marhaba’s social inclusion work, the two organisations organised a course entitled Parenting in Islam: Classical advice for modern times. The organisers had hoped to limit the course to fifty participants but in response to the demand had to allow over 75 people. Although the venue, Vordons Born was stretched to capacity, participants appeared to enjoy the programme despite the slightly cramped conditions.

The sessions were very interactive and everyone seemed to take an active role and there was interesting and stimulating discussion. It was decided that there will be two further sessions probably in May and then later in the year. Kitaba have started a facebook page to allow further discussion around the issues raised in the book.

There are three important events over the next two weeks. The book of Worship is to be ‘launched’ in Milton Keynes on Friday 24th February and Oxford on Saturday 25th February. These will be followed by the annual Imran Sabir Memorial lecture to be given by Ricardo Lemus and Abdul Aziz Ahmed.

Date Posted: 22/02/2012

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