Kitaba Chair to raise awareness of sight issues in Australia

Abdul Aziz Ahmed, the Chair of Kitaba will be visiting Australia, Malaysia and Singapore over the next few weeks. The trip has been arranged by one of kitaba’s partners the ‘Ayn Academy in Adelaide.

The ‘Ayn Academy is a community based organization dedicated to ‘knowledge’ and ‘action’. It organizes classes and social activities including a soup kitchen. It has teamed up with the Royal Society for the Blind, an Australian charity. The Royal Society for the Blind provides services to South Australians who have severe vision impairment, as well as community education to increase awareness about blindness & visual impairment. Together they hope to raise funds for Blind and people with visual impairments locally and raise awareness specifically in the Muslim community of Adelaide.

Abdul Aziz will teach in various mosques around the city on topics taken from one of Kitaba’s publications The Book of Taqwa and Knowledge by the Blind scholar ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Alawi al-Haddad. He will deliver a parenting course from Kitaba’s forthcoming translation of a classical Islamic text on child development and education entitled Riyadatul Sibyan, Educating Children by Imam al-Ramli. The fundraising and teaching programme will culminate in a talk on Sight and Insight on Saturday 7th January at 6.30 pm.

For further information on the events you can visit or you can follow the progress of the campaign on Ayn Academy’s facebook page.

On the way to Adeliade, Abdul Aziz will visit a Braille publisher in Kuala Lumpar and one of the mosques that have inspired Kitaba’s vision of inclusion, the Ba Alawi mosque of Singapore.

He leaves his hometown of Glasgow on Wednesday 21st December and hopes to update Kitaba supporters through the Kitaba facebook page. We pray he has a safe and beneficial journey.


Date Posted: 20/12/2011

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