Kitaba Restructures After Death Of Its Chairperson

Kitaba is moving forward again after the death of Imran Sabir, its founding chairman. Abdul Aziz Ahmed was elected to take over the role of Chair and the team have been working on several new initiatives. These include a number of improvements to the webpage, a series of articles on the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace;  a new book about Imran which will highlight many of the issues facing people with disabilities and visual impairments and a series of talks around the UK to promote issues related to visual impairment in the Muslim community. There are new incentives to encourage our supporters to sign up as members and get involved in our project. We are always looking for volunteers and hope that you will be able to get involved.

Improvements to the web page
There are two main sections for new material. The ‘resources’ section will provide new Islamic texts and translations in an accessible format. Members and visitors to the site will be able to make recommendations and comments. The ‘services’ section will include information on sight impairment.

New resources
Kitaba have produced a series of biographies on the Companions responsible for relating the 40 Hadith of Imam al-Nawawi. These will be uploaded on a weekly basis.
We have obtained the rights to produce and audio version of Imam al-Haddad’s The Book of Assistance. We hope to have this up on the website later in the year.

Living With Blindness
Abdul Aziz Ahmed is writing a short biography of Kitaba’s first Chairperson, Imran Sabir, may Allah shower him with mercy. The book will talk about his life, his struggles and the issues he was trying to address. The publication is likely to coincide with World Vision Day in October and Kitaba will be using the opportunity to raise awareness of issues related to visual impairment, especially the way they affect the Muslim community.

Kitaba presentation on Hasan bin Thabit
There will be a presentation by Kitaba at a talk on the biography of the Prophet’s poet, Hasan bin Thabit. It has been organised jointly with Sacred Knowledge and will take place in Birmingham’s Gumkol Sharif Mosque on 20th June 2009. Hasan bin Thabit, may Allah be pleased with him, lost his sight late in his life and wrote some poetry about blindness and the challenges it presents.

Finally, we ask you to include us in your prayers and thoughts and hope for your continued support.

Date Posted: 06/06/2009

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