Kitaba sets out exciting new plans

Last weekend, the Kitaba team and a few key volunteers met to set out the plans for the coming months.  They include new initiatives such as an Arabic Braille course and a new online facility for the purchasing our books through the website. The team confirmed its plans for new productions including e-books and video and audio resources.

Launch of the Book of Worship by Imam al-Haddad

Our newest production, The Book of Worship will be launched on Saturday 25th February in Oxford. The details will appear on our website very soon. The book was recently taught by Al-Habib Kazim al-Saqqaf in Glasgow and the video and audio recordings will soon be available through our website. At the launch, Abdul Aziz will teach from sections of the book and this will supplement the recordings and will likewise be available through our website.

The Umra Diaries

Last year, Balal Husssain, Abdul Aziz Ahmed and Ricardo Lemus went on a pilgrimage to Makkah. Balal is Blind and Ricardo is a wheelchair user. They wrote a diary reflecting on their trip and their lives as disabled Muslims living in the West. The book touches on the issues of disability, racism, inclusion, religion and most importantly how we relate to each other as human beings. Later this year, their thoughts will be published under the title Umra Diaries: a journey on the path to inclusion. There will be several events based around the book to highlight the issues raised in the book. Some, including Glasgow on 2nd March and Newcastle on 4th March, will be prior to the publications. Others will follow in May.

Educating Children – a new production, courses and interactive facebook page

Kitaba intend to publish a translation of Imam al-Ramli’s Riyadatul Sibyan with a commentary and some modern day reflections on parenting in the twenty first century. The book was successful taught in Adelaide in association with the Ayn Academy and will soon be taught in Denmark with our partners, Merhaba. To help develop the modern day reflections, Kitaba are setting up a facebook group specifically to look at some of the issues raised in the text. This will be up and running within the next couple of weeks.

Arabic Braille Course

Sayka Hussain will be leading a small working group to prepare an Arabic Braille Course which will allow Braille users to access the Quran and provide an opportunity for sighted people to learn more about Braille and the needs of Blind people. The course is likely to take place in December 2012.

Improving our work with volunteers and distribution of our books

Kitaba recognise that it has not utilised the large number of volunteers who have offered their service to the team. We apologise to anyone who has offered their help and either not received a response or not had their offer taken up. Inshallah, over the next few weeks, members of the team will contact all those who have volunteered and hopefully we will be able to expand our work and our team. We also recognise that our distribution and the content on the web page could be improved. Inshallah, we will soon have an online purchasing facility and with the help of some volunteers, our news page, resources and facebook will become more effective and productive.

We hope you enjoy these changes and that together we can make a difference. Thank you for your support.

Date Posted: 01/02/2012

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