Kitaba wins award

The Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba) won one of the Scottish Muslim Achievement Awards for 2014.

The Scottish Muslim Achievement Awards were established by the ‘Muslim Charity’ and sponsored by several Scottish business to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of Scottish Muslims and their contributions to civic life in Scotland.

This year’s awards ceremony took place at the Radisson Hotel in Glasgow on 11th May and was completely sold out. Among the celebrities and politicians to attend were the former singer and actor Junaid Jamshed, Baroness Warsi, Anas Sarwar MP and Humza Yusuf, MSP.

Awards were given for life time achievement, best Muslim organisation, best sports personality and the Imran Sabir Award for overcoming adversity.

Kitaba were surprised that they were nominated for overcoming adversity in acknowledgement of the individuals they have supported in overcoming the barriers society has placed on them due to their sight impairments. The award was expected to go to an individual but the panel decided to award it to the organisation recognising its contribution to society generally as well as the individuals it represents.

The award was received by the Chair, Abdul Aziz Ahmed. It was a rare moment that he was speechless on the stage saying: ‘It is rare that I am totally stumped for words.’ He went on to state he was accepting on behalf of his good friend Imran Sabir and then immediately went to hug Imran’s parents and offer the award to them. Imran’s father showed a rare moment of tearful emotion and his mother asked Abdul Aziz to look after it as he had kept the work going.

Kitaba would like to thank those that nominated them for the award as well as all its supporters and helpers who have made the organisation the success that it has become.

Kitaba; winner of Imran Sabir Award Presented by Tasmina Sheikh — at Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow.

Kitaba; winner of Imran Sabir Award Presented by Tasmina Sheikh — at Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow.

Date Posted: 14/05/2014

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