Kitaba’s Big Projects For The Summer!

The Islamic Texts for the Blind have two big projects planned for the Summer of 2010 which will include the holy month of Ramadan.

In association with its Norwegian and Danish supporters, Kitaba are organizing an Umra pilgrimage study tour to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. There will be several Blind pilgrims attending the course and performing the Islamic rite of ‘Umra and visiting the Prophet, upon him be peace, in Madina.

The course will be on The Life of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, and the recordings and notes will, inshallah, be made available through the Kitaba website and hopefully be a useful resource for Blind and sighted people. There will be two pre-’Umra classes which will include lessons on how to perform the ‘Umra rites, the supplications and the history and description of the Holy House.

nasiha diniyya updated

Kitaba also plans to launch its third book, Taqwa and Knowledge by Imam al-Haddad. The book is a translation of the Blind scholar’s text entitled al-Nasâih al-Dîniyyah and contains a foreword by the Imam of the Ba Alawi Mosque, Singapore, al-Habib Hasan al-Attas. The book will be available in standard print, accessible text and Braille (Duxberry file) formats before Ramadan (August 2010) and in audio format later in the year. The Kitaba team will be launching the book across Europe at various venues including Bradford, Walsall, Oldham and Lillehammer (Norway). Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed will also be teaching the text in Preston, Copenhagen and Glasgow during the coming months.

Watch this space for further updates!

Date Posted: 08/06/2010

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