Kitaba’s May events

Last week, The Islamic Texts for the Blind held two events. On Tuesday 1st May, in association with the Glasgow University Muslim Students Society, Kitaba launched its new book The Umra Diaries and on Saturday 5th of May it continued its parenting course on its forthcoming book Riyadatul Sibyan. The parenting course was run by its Danish partners Marhaba in Copenhagen.

The Umra Diaries launch consisted of two presentations by Abdul Aziz Ahmed and a talk by Shaykh Jamal Hysaw from Atlanta, Georgia. Abdul Aziz talked about Pilgrimage and Social Change and told the story of Evelyn Cobbold a famous Scottish aristocrat who after embracing Islam performed the pilgrimage to Makka. She recorded her story in a book published the year after her visit in 1933. Abdul Aziz quoted from her book, Pilgrimage to Mecca and other travelogues including The Road to Mecca by Muhammad Asad. He finished with a series of quotes from the Autobiography of Malcolm X which lead into Shaykh Jamal’s talk about the Pilgrimage of Malcolm X. Many issues were raised in the two talks including the discussion of discrimination in our society and political activism as a means of change. Abdul Aziz concluded the talks with readings from the new book and a reflection on some of the issues raised. There was a lively question and answer session and the signed copies of the new book were available for sale


There was very positive feedback. One participant wrote after the event: ‘I thought yesterday’s event was superb.’ Another said that the presentation of the Umra Diaries was, ‘incredibly moving whilst being simultaneously very saddening’.

The Marhaba event was the second in a series of three programmes on parenting entitled Classical Advice for Modern Times. Abdul Aziz ran an interactive workshop based around the poem Riyadatul Sibyan by Imam al-Ramli. This is a text Kitaba have been developing for a while. They have a facebook page dedicated to the discussion and hope to be able to produce a full commentary some time in the near future.

The team are now preparing for the next book launches which will take place in Liverpool, Preston and Burnley during the weekend of 18th to 20th May.

Liverpool Book Launch:

Date: 18th May 2012 Venue: John Foster Building, 80-90 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L3 5UZ Time: 6- 8pm Free admission

Burnley and Preston Book launch: (Part one)

Date: 19th May 2012
Time: 1- 3pm
Venue: Museum of Lancashire, Stanley street, Preston, PR1 4YP,

Burnley (Part two)
Date: 19th May 2012
Time: 5- 7pm
Venue: Burnley Campus, Thomas Whitham Sixth Form Centre, Barden Lane, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 1JD

Free admission

Date Posted: 09/05/2012

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