Kitaba’s Upcoming Events over November and December 2012

There are a series of events that Kitaba will be involved in and hosting over November and December 2012. The first event will be in London on Friday 16th November partnered with City Circle, where Kitaba and other Disability organisations will be presenting and having a panel discussion on the topic of Disability and Islam. It will be our first public event in London, with the hope of building new networks and support in our work.

On the following day there will be a parenting workshop led by Shaykh Abdul Aziz, in Birmingham. It is targeted at parents, teachers and activists interested in child development; this will feed into the production Riyadatul Sibyan Educating children, which Kitaba will launch in Spring 2013.

For the first time we will be holding an Arabic Braille course in the last weekend of December in Northampton.
 The course aims to give participants a thorough understanding of Arabic Braille, the way it works and the tools to be able to read the Qur’an in Braille. It also explores the issues surrounding visual impairment, different eye conditions and the steps that need to be considered to allow visually impaired brothers and sisters to take part in activities for the Muslim community.

We will be attending a conference in Istanbul in November, hosted by the Braille organisation, Beyazay Braille Association. We hope to work with them and partners from South Africa, Malaysia and the Middle East. The conference will focus on Braille production of Quran and other Islamic texts and co-ordination of services between international service providers such as Kitaba and Madrasa Al-Noor and government agencies in Muslim countries.

‘Umra Diaries’ book launch will also take place in Denmark in November. We will be working in conjunction with our sister organisation, Merhaba, and two other national bodies: The Dansk Handicap and The Danish Refugee Council. The hope is to form a partnership supporting people facing double discrimination, which will include disabled people from ethnic minority backgrounds. We will launch the Umra diaries as part of launching the new partnership. The Queen and the Mayor of Copenhagen will be invited.

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Date Posted: 27/09/2012

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