Launch of Kitaba’s new website

Since 2008, Kitaba’s website has been visited by more than 19,000 people from all over the world! Our first website served us well, offering a truly accessible experience when many websites could not. But web technology has evolved and at the end of 2012 we identified we could do much more.

Working with accessibility experts and visually impaired users over the last three months, we are now pleased to announce the launch of our new website, which aims to represent the best of what Kitaba has to offer, to create a more engaging experience for our visitors, while remaining fully accessible if not better than before. We welcome any feedback so please do get in touch.

Kitaba productions

With the new website we now have a page dedicated to our list of productions since 2008. From here you can purchase books in Braille and Paperback directly from The shopping cart is designed to be completely accessible and we have selected Paypal as our payment gateway.

Online donations

We have updated the donations page and have selected BT’s MyDonate service to securely accept online donations. This approach is widely used by non-profit organisations and will make the process of donating simple, safe and secure.

Our services

We now have a dedicated page describing the services Kitaba can offer. From here you can read about each of our services and contact us to find out more.

Contacting us

A new contact us form has been added along with a new system that will help manage the correspondence we receive via email. On your next enquiry, you will find that we will provide a unique reference number for your enquiry. Further, you will be directed to another team member who is most suited in meeting your needs.

Getting involved and volunteering

Kitaba relies on volunteers, sales of our productions and your prayers to continue our work. The new volunteer page lists the areas we are looking for support. Do check the page regularly for updates and get in touch if you would like to help.

About us

Finally, we have prepared a new page describing our vision, our mission, and highlights of how we have been able to help. We have also included a brilliant video of one of our directors, Sayka Hussain, where she talks about her experiences as a Blind Muslim.

What do you think?

Happy with the new website? Contact us and let us know and we will strive to improve our services.

Date Posted: 20/01/2013

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We're a volunteer run organisation and are passionate about helping Blind and visually impaired people realise their educational, developmental and religious needs. We have been contacted from people all over the world, and we do our best to facilitate the support they need. You can contact us, join our discussion forum, and visit our facebook for extra information.