Seminar on Inclusion and Mental Health in Islam – Copenhagen 26th November

The Inclusion and Mental Health in Islam seminar will be held in Copenhagen on Saturday 26th November. This will be a follow up on the successful seminar organised by Kitaba in March 2011, Mental Health in Islam: Past, Present and Future.

The first part of the seminar will include a similar presentation to the one given by Abdul Aziz,  outlining the prophetic advice on mental health and highlighting the work of the Islamic  scholar Abu Zayd al-Balkhi.

Ricardo Lemus will also be presenting, who recently went on Umra with the Dirasa / Kitaba group and is a wheelchair user, to talk about inclusion, his personal experiences, and contextualise the seminar in terms of the inclusion work developing in Denmark.

Mariam Mellouli, an educational psychologist, will present on the work of RUM, a youth counselling project aiming to help young people from minority backgrounds.

The second part of the seminar will be a practical workshop examining the work of Abu Zayd al-Balkhi in closer detail and relating his approach to mental health to modern problems. The workshop will be interactive and based around real scenarios.

It is hoped that the seminar will help develop the work of RUM and Merhaba and produce a resource that will be of use to all those interested in social exclusion in particular where it is caused by mental health issues.

We hope anyone who is in the Copenhagen area will try to attend and support this very important work. Along with its partners RUM and Merhaba, Kitaba continues to play a role in the inclusion movement in Scandinavia. We value your support.

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Date Posted: 14/11/2011

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