Shuyukh Offer Support To Kitaba Project

Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi and Imam Zaid Shakir each provided support and encouragement for the Kitaba mission. Imam Zaid has offered to write a foreword to the book Living With Blindness and will deliver a speech at the Glasgow launch of the book on October 4th 2009. Other launches are planned for Bradford, Birmingham, London and Oslo. Anyone in these areas who would like to attend, especially those with special needs, are encouraged to contact us at We will attempt to cater for any needs that are identified in advance.

Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi offered the following words for inclusion in the book:

‘I consider myself fortunate to have met Sidi Imran Sabir. I saw him as an example of sincerity, persistence and hope. He has left us, but his work was better than that of a thousand. May Allah reward him for inspiring the Muslim ummah.’

At a recent event organised jointly by Kitaba and Sacred Knowledge, there were many pledges of support and help including a group of sisters who offered to befriend and assist any person with special needs in the London or Birmingham areas. They have already been teamed up with individuals and we pray for the success of their work. Several people with visual impairments attended the event which aimed to raise the issue of providing access to Islamic knowledge for those who have been traditionaly excluded because mosques were unable to provide for their accessibility needs.

One of the sisters who attended the talk has joined the team and will soon be helping us with our Braille production.

We ask Allah to reward all that are working to make Islamic texts available to the Blind.

Date Posted: 19/07/2009

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