The Kitaba team visit Sight village 2012

Sight village is an annual event that takes place in July every year, and different organisations exhibit products that they have on offer for the visually impaired community. This year, there were 66 exhibitors showcasing their products. From low vision products, to talking watches. Sight village had it all!

We initially began the day by registering our selves, and getting our name badges, then proceeding to get our welcome packs. It was great to know that they had all different types of formats, whether it be Braille, large print or audio CD. You had the choice and were able to take your pick which is always encouraging. But then, if Sight village didn’t get it right by offering alternate formats, who would?

There were a lot of people around, accompanied by lots of canes, and lots of guide dogs! I’m sure that the dogs didn’t like us, as we were hit by lots of tails throughout the day!

We then looked at the different seminars that they had going on throughout the day, and we decided to attend one called “Windows 8 and JAWS for windows”. We found this seminar to be very informative as they had someone in from Freedom Scientific (the company that makes JAWS). The gentleman demonstrated some of the new features that JAWS 14 had to offer. He spoke about how JAWS 14 would have a new feature called “text analyser” which we thought was very useful because with this feature, you were able to tell if your word document was in the correct format that you wanted it to be. You could also check if your font was consistent throughout the entire document which I found to be very helpful as sometimes, we need to get a sighted person to proofread documents before submission to make sure that the formatting of the document is correct.

The rest of the day was spent looking around the other stands that were exhibiting their products. Amongst them was the sight and sound stand, that offered different types of technology which included a rather interesting device called the Braille sense. The best way to describe it would be like an electronic Braille machine. It assists visually impaired people to make notes efficiently. It also has the capabilities of a word processor, web browser, schedule manager, and media player, for use at work, home or school.

We then decided to visit humanware because one of the team wanted to look at the Braille Note apex. We found that it was very similar to the Braille sense but the difference was that with the Braille sense, you had arrow keys, and the Braille Note Apex everything was controlled by the space bar.

The last stall that we went to visit was goalball UK. This was interesting as we learnt about different opportunities that were available for us to play the game of Goalball!

Date Posted: 30/07/2012

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