Umra 2012 Announced

Kitaba is proud to invite visually impaired Muslims to the 6th Umra trip organised by the Dirasa project based in Norway, which takes place this year from 09 to 21 July.

The programme begins with a stay in Madina at the Anwar Al-Madina which is a 5 star hotel. The last 6 days will be spent in Makkah at a 5 star hotel. Prices are from between £1300 and £1400 depending on room occupancy.

Further Details

The group will be travelling with Shaykh Abdal Aziz Ahmed who will be providing lectures on Worship in Islam. These lectures will give aninsight in how to obtain spiritual growth, help the participants in utilizing their precious time and prepare them for the Umra. All the lectures are held in English.

During the trip, visits will be made to important Islamic historical sites led by Shaykh Abdul Aziz.

2011 Umrah group visiting Uhud

Last years Umra group visiting Uhud.

Special arrangements will be made for visually impaired Muslims to facilitate travelling and performing of Umra. This year Marhaba in Denmark is working with fund-raising to financially support Blind or disabled pilgrims for their travelling with Dirasa. If you are interested in support please contact us on

2011 Umrah with Balal wearing the Ihram
Balal, who is Blind was a part of the group.

Visually impaired participants from Scandinavia and UK are welcome to apply for Umra (see webpage).

The deadline for application is the first week of June. If visually impaired brothers or sisters need to bring a companion they can do so. In the case of all sisters, we ask they travel with a mahram.

For more information, see or contact us on, telephone: +47 95911042

Date Posted: 26/05/2012

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