Umra Diaries Book Launch

Umra Diaries: A journey on the path to Inclusion will now be launched on the 1st May.

Umra diaries is a story of three travellers: Balal Hussain who is Blind, Ricardo Lemus is a wheel chair user and Shaykh Abdul Aziz their guide and teacher, together they embark the pilgrimage to Mecca. This book explores the challenges and difficulties they face as they come to realise the road to inclusion is a long and arduous journey. Yet after climbing steep hills, falling over and climbing back up again their is a fresh and clear vision for all Disabled Muslims in their pursuit for equality and inclusion on the road to Mecca.

‘Very touching, tears came to my eyes. It made me feel how much we take for granted and how we sweat over the small stuff and how we should concentrate more on showing gratitude’….  Fatima Dollie, New Zealand

The book will be available to purchase on the day of the launch for a special offer of £5.00 signed copies, our retail price is £5.99. It is also available through Kitaba’s shop account For all wholesale enquiries please contact our distributor Nur al Habib on

More details about our launch events will follow soon….

Date Posted: 28/04/2012

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