Guide to visiting Makka and Madina


About the book: This book follows a request by two blind sisters for a handbook on the historic sites of Makka and Madina. It is a brief guide describing significant historic and religious sites in the two Holy Cities. It does not describe the rites of the pilgrimage or offer a detailed history. However, it does contain useful information about significant places in a brief but clear manner. This version has full colour photographs and there are plain text, Braille and audio versions for blind pilgrims.

Words from Imam Zaid Shakir: “May Almighty God bless this noble effort and may He bless this humble volume to be a great source of benefit to all who read it.” The book is a key step in moving towards inclusion and accessibility for the visually impaired and Blind Muslims who want to truly experience the Pilgrimage to the sacred lands. This book is not simply another guide to Makka and Madina but specifically caters for those who are considered Ahl al- Suffa.

“The plush hotels and the malls being planned for Makka will attract the attention of the celebrities and millionaires. They will vie and compete for suites containing the best view of the Ka’ba. Perhaps they will enjoy their sumptuous meals as they listen to the stereophonic replication of the Imam’s voice being piped into their palaces from below. Perhaps they will remember that Hajj or ’Umrah are not spectator sports to be enjoyed from afar like the World Cup Finals or the Super Bowl. They are acts of worship to be undertaken with all due humility and sincerity. Perhaps the tyrants and dictators being chased from their lands by their exhausted minions will retire to Makka and live, not in the shadow of the Ka’ba, but shadowing it. Neither they nor their ilk tell us what Makka, the Ka’ba, Hajj, ’Umrah, visiting the City of the Prophet, worship, or Islam itself are all about. They cannot. However, in the modest booklet in your hand, you are gaining a glimpse of what it is about. Saying that, I am not referring to the engaging description of the sights to be seen or the monuments, both those extant or those that have been systematically destroyed. I am referring to the spirit of equality that has inspired Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed to write a book dedicated to those struggling with disabilities and to work with other well meaning souls to arrange to bring a group of our disabled brothers and sisters to visit the Holy Land and the sacred sites.”

From Shaykh Abdul Aziz’s Introduction: “In recent years there has been a trend in the West, and possibly elsewhere, where visiting Makka is no longer a once in a lifetime life-changing experience. It has become a regular occurrence where each minor pilgrimage has different expectations. Some of these trips are simply ‘a few days away’ to ‘recharge the batteries’ and ‘get away from it all’. There has also been a steady increase in the number of ‘study visits’ where students use the minor pilgrimage to study a set text or attend lectures under the tutelage of a recognised teacher. The request of the blind sisters was a result of such a study visit.”

About the publisher: The Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba) is a charity that generates funds from its publications and donations to provide Braille and audio material as well as online classes, lectures and conferences serving the Blind and promoting social inclusion. Its aims to translate and publish the whole of Al-Nasaih. Taqwa and Knowledge contains the first two sections.

Product details:
Author: Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed
Publisher: Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba)
Date: 2011
Language: English
ISBN: 9780955964947
Pages: 112

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