Living with Blindness - Imran Sabir

Living with Blindness: Lessons from The Life of Imran Sabir


About the book: This book tells the story of an exceptional young man. It is a tale of steadfastness in the face of adversity, discrimination and disadvantage. Imran succeeded in his struggle to find his faith and identity. His journey sets out many lessons about religion, society, communities and personal development.

Words from the author, Shaykh Abdul Aziz: Imran Sabir is my dear departed friend. He died after struggling with the effects of LOGIC Syndrome on March 3rd 2009. He had lost his sight as a young boy, suffered from a serious of respiratory problems and only had one functioning lung. Despite his many physical disabilities, his mind and spirit remained strong until the last.

Words from Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi: ‘I consider myself fortunate to have met Sidi Imran Sabir. I saw him as an example of sincerity, persistence and hope. He has left us, but his work was better than that of a thousand. May Allah reward him for inspiring the Muslim ummah.’

Words from Imam Zaid Shakar: Although he was afflicted with a wide array of crushing physical challenges that would rob him of his mobility, his eyesight, his speech, his teeth, and nearly his very breath, as he spent most of his life breathing through a tracheosmy tube, he could not be denied the ability to make a rich contribution to society during his short lifetime. Imran was able to overcome the challenges he faced physically, as a result of his battle with LOGIC Syndrome, by developing himself spiritually and intellectually. By so doing, he was able to tap into a deep, pure river of humanity that brought forth the character, talents, and an indomitable love of life that so deeply touched all who knew him.

About the publisher: The Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba) is a charity that generates funds from its publications and donations to provide Braille and audio material as well as online classes, lectures and conferences serving the Blind and promoting social inclusion. Its aims to translate and publish the whole of Al-Nasaih. Taqwa and Knowledge contains the first two sections.

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Product details:
Author: Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed
Publisher: Islamic Texts for the Blind (Kitaba)
Date: 2009
Language: English
ISBN: 9780955964923
Pages: 93

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