Adnan’s Story

Adnan Tariq has been visually impaired from birth and was diagnosed with two ocular conditions: Degenerative Myopia and Congenital Nystagmus. He is also partially deaf and colour blind.

From the age of 2 he attended a special school in Bradford for the visually impaired but at the age of 13 was made to move into a secondary mainstream school when the school was closed down. Here, he faced many challenges including the large class sizes and lack of access to large print material. However, this became a learning curve for himself, his fellow pupils and teachers and thus he soon adapted to life at the school and took part in most activities.

Alhumdulillah (Praise be to God), he has achieved many things so far, including attaining GCSEs in Maths, English, Science, Business and Communication and History. He is currently finishing his A-Levels in English Language, Sociology, and Government and Politics. Insha’Allah in September he hopes to attend University and study Law.

Adnan has always enjoyed the outdoors, especially when attending residential trips with the Outlook Trust, where he took part in such activities such as canoeing, cycling, sailing, abseiling and caving. This charity especially taught Adnan and other participants how to be independent and also that being visually impaired doesn’t mean you can’t achieve anything.

When talking about his disability, he says “Because I was born this way, I never really thought of it as a limitation. Admittedly, I do feel regret that I can’t do things like my friends, such as driving cars or seeing the beautiful colours of life, however it is something I have learnt to accept and cope with. I truly believe that Allah (swt) Knows Best and all fate, Good or Bad, is from Him. It has taught me to appreciate the subtle gifts from Allah (swt) such as the sense of sound and touch.

The physical eye is not as important as the spiritual eye. The spiritual eye is more sensitive, and losing my physical eye has helped me to appreciate and work on opening the spiritual eye, which in effect opens the heart. And so, I would like to thank Allah (swt) for creating me this way, for He knows what I know not.”

By working on this project Adnan hopes to help other visually impaired people to have access to traditional Islamic knowledge. To help them adapt and cope with their disability and to inspire them to fulfil their goals in life.

Lastly, Adnan enjoys reading literature especially fiction, non fiction and poetry. He also writes his own poetry and runs an online blog.

Date Posted: 14/06/2008

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