Website Help

We’ll briefly outline the structure of this website and what features are available to use. Later we’ll share our website’s history with a big thanks to the developers and designers who have helped to make this happen.

How to use the website

You’ll find this website has four parts: at the top is the main navigation elements, accessibility options and the search box; on the right, depending on the page you are viewing, you’ll either find a tag cloud, invite to join our newsletter, a highlighted production, and a reminder of who you can get in touch; at the bottom is a long list of all the website links; and in the middle we have the main content.

Getting around

The main navigation is presented just above the content. Here you can jump back to Home Page, read the Services we offer, take part in our Community, read about our latest News & Events, enjoy our Multimedia & Articles, and check out our Productions.

Above the main navigation we have more menu options. On the left we have links to our Accessibility page, contrast and text size settings, and link to our Contact form. On the right, we have links to our About us, how you can Get Involved and Donate online.

All the website links are made available in alphabetical order at the bottom of every page, in addition to the links available at the top, we also have a page where you can  Meet the Kitaba Team, read some of our Success Stories and a thank you to our Supporters.

Our website’s history

Kitaba's old website, from 2008 to 2012Since 2008, Kitaba’s website has been visited by nearly 19,000 people from all over the world, mashallah!!

Our first website served us well, offering a truly accessible experience when many websites couldn’t. You can see what it looked liked on the right.

But web technology has evolved and in 2012 we identified we could do much much more. So, our current website aims to showcase the best of what Kitaba has to offer, to create a more engaging experience for our visitors, while remaining fully accessible if not better than before. Does it fulfil this purpose? Please get in touch, we’d love to hear what you think.

Connect With Us

We're a volunteer run organisation and are passionate about helping Blind and visually impaired people realise their educational, developmental and religious needs. We have been contacted from people all over the world, and we do our best to facilitate the support they need. You can contact us, join our discussion forum, and visit our facebook for extra information.